Regarding Popea

2013-12-12 00:52:47 by SuburbanLife

So regarding Popea, in case you actually watched it and even liked it, I took it down because it had too many glitches that couldn't wait to get fix and may have risked its judgement by the viewers. I have a weird tendency to upload movies just as they come out of the oven, and the reason for that is that I am not really a patient guy, and if you work for months in a movie like I did, you want to upload it right now, wouldn't you? Well, I'm going to wake up early and fix the glitches in their entirety and for once, PREVIEW IT BEFORE I UPLOAD IT.

So... Episode 3?

2013-07-25 13:36:26 by SuburbanLife

I sometimes just don't get people. One guy says the animation is good, and the sound sucks, other says the animation is crappy, but the sound is good, other says both of them suck... But I am happy!!! I am clearly making a progress here (?) And people are starting to like it. That's good, I mean, after all you guys are the reason why I am posting this crap.

I would also like to say I've never watched the full episode myself (the one I just posted) because once I am in close to finish it I just don't pay attention to details and try to get it done as fast as possible. Now that I can watch it I noticed the glitch in the last scene, (which is the one I payed attention the least to) April just magically disappears and reappears (from what I can tell) some 5 frames later. Although I at first cried like a little girl, I am kinda glad Newgrounds put up this Project thingy, because I can take down the old .swf and put in the "quality" one. You know what, I am also gonna make the play hover area bigger, now that we're getting picky.

All I can say is thank you, for your (mostly) kind reviews, and please wait for part 2 patiently; it will be significantly longer than this part, but I am sure it will take substantially less time to create. I am not a little man on his animation cave, I have a life as well, so I went on vacations, I went with family, I went to parties, and that is precisely why I took 3 months to animate this piece of garbage. Oh, yeah! I promise part 2 will be better as well, as pretty much everything I left unexplained (which is practically the whole plot) comes to an end in a little over 9 minutes. Which is actually the reason why I chose to split it up in two parts, or else I would've tortured you with a 16 minute film... Which is not good. Neither for me or my poor 2GB RAM-bound prehistoric Vaio :(

I would also like to point out that I am not a Muslim.

Just WOW, I got five stars in a horrible horrible movie. I swear to Allah I planned the whole episode in fifteen minutes. I was sitting in recess when Shadana told me, "Hey, the voice actor change!" and I said "Ughhh. Fine." We first planned a crazy dance scene, and decided Sven should come out of the closet... metaphorically. Afterwards, there should be an excessively random scene of unnecessary shouting and screaming... that came out by itself.

Then we did a horrible, horrible,HORRIBLE storyboard, and I began arranging the soundtrack. I decided the funnest song I could think of for crazy dancing would be that tune from the SpongeBob episode when SB is dancing with the jellyfish, so I added it in. Then Shadana sent me the voices (not hers, the new voice actor's) the night after I recorded mine, so I began composing the animatic (which I never finished, by the way.) (I decided I needed an animatic for the timing on their crazy dance scenes, so I copied our horrible storyboard and redrew it crudely on SAI.)

So afterwards, the animation began on a Thursday, and concluded... on a Thursday! Overall it took me six days to finish off the animation, but there was one day I didn't animate at all. So when I finished last Thursday, I tried posting it literally five minutes later, but as many of you know there was a shitty bug that made publishing highly frustrating, so I waited until MONDAY (for those of you who have had a big project and couldn't get it published it for a reason, you would know why I got so insane about the bug).

To be honest with you, I didn't expect anything, since the whole production took like... a week. (My big productions take around three months). So, I posted it from my iPod and shutted it off on Monday night. I woke up with two five-star reviews and WOW. I just don't understand how I can POSSIBLY get 2.5 stars after two 5-star reveiews, but I'm glad people liked it.

So I'm gonna begin production with the next episode ASAP, and I promise, it will rock, there will be a new character and some... wow, I suck at surprises. Anyway, so a new character and a fixed plotline and I can't wait to finish it. Allahu Akbar, guys!